Jeff Cogen


(I love this picture of Jeff really does look like he is trying to absorb what he is hearing and take it seriously, doesn't it?)

Jeff Cogen, Multnomah County Commission Chair, admitted to an affair with a MultCo employee. He admitted he lied about it, using city email to correspond, had liaisons during work hours and taxpayer funded 'training'. He awarded her with the Chairs award and saved her position from budget cuts. When this unfolded, she was 'encouraged' to resign. He refuses to.

At first, the party line at the county advised that nothing was out of sorts - he didn't "really" do anything wrong. Then documents starting disappearing. When the citizenry stood up and demanded accountability, the county then requested the State AG to investigate the matter. The AG's office then proceeded to clamp shut any release of additional public records, citing the need for security in disclosure. I personally find that suspicious, but the county has complied - effectively shutting down any reporting.

This page will continue as a depository of information as it emerges. Links to stories, emails received, my personal thoughts on the situation will live here forever.

Jeff wanted to wait out the media cycle. No such thing, these days.

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