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Charter Volunteers Needed
After years of cities being bound by a
charter created to keep citizens from the
process, a new draft charter is being
designed to provide accountability and
return responsibility back to the elected.
League of Oregon Citizens
Citizen Based Media and Accountability

This mission is to have a collaborative resource for citizen
advocates, whether by need or desire, to get information from and
to each other to promote sunlight into local government business.

Want an easy way to be part of
the change?

We are looking for folks who are willing
to send documents for uploading.
The Citizen's Agenda

Cities and Counties call us the naysayers.
What are citizens really interested in
getting from the process?
Enforcement Information
National Resources
State Resources
Voltaire on Freedom
"...So long as the people do not care to
exercise their freedom, those who wish
to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are
active and ardent, and will devote
themselves in the name of any number of
gods, religious and otherwise, to put
shackles upon sleeping men." Voltaire,
François Marie Arouet (1694-1778),
Philosophical Dictionary, 1764
No one decides to become an activist or advocate for others. No one decides to go be a rabble rouser instead of sitting on the couch. No one decides to put themselves in harms way for others.

It is something that happens a little bit at a time. You ask a don't get an answer. You want to know why you can't get an answer. These are the actions of a normal person. Or should be.

I started this adventure because I wanted to know what the cost of water and sewer services were. It ballooned from there. I have spent more than nine years, and thousands of my dollars, trying to get basic information from cities and counties. They work very hard to keep me from getting the information. It becomes important to ask why. Why work so hard to block basic information requests? What do they have to gain?

How many people think that corruption is rampant? How many of those same people believe it would be prosecuted if the right person said something? How many people know that, in Oregon, there is no where to turn? No one has the power to stop these entities from breaking the law.

We have commissions and committees, councils and agencies...not a single one with the inclination or authority to stop the bleeding of our futures.

How personal does it have to get for you to get involved? What meme on facebook will wake you up? Which tweet will it be? What will make you get up and show up?

For all of those that already believe media is biased, what if I told you that media makes business decisions about what to report based on what they are charged for documents? If the price is high enough, and it is very expensive to get documents from government here, the story NEVER GETS TOLD. Makes things look so rosy, doesn't it?

Every one has a tipping point. I have seen activists lose their minds over trying to hold government accountable. I have seen them lose their health. I have seen them go to jail or worse. Framed, manipulated, chastised, ridiculed and more.

For our elected officials in Oregon, an oath means nothing. Perceived power means everything. They treat citizens as toys and their office as a game. They are either proactively corrupt or they are corrupt by lack of involvement. Many elected officials simply turn over their voice (and ours) to city or county administrators and managers - people who are supposed to be directed by the officials but, often, run the government without ever including anyone in the decisions.

They milk us for every dollar, regulating every action and never answering for anything. When asked for basic budget or accounting information, they put up roadblocks. They are powered by lobbyists, like the tax payer funded, anti citizen, non-profit organization - League of Oregon Cities.

No one can agree if the League of Oregon Cities is regulated by records laws or not. How many tax dollars do they collect? We don't know and we can't find out. How much do “charities” bring in? No one knows and no one can find out. Oregon's own Attorney General doesn't have the authority to regulate or prosecute any agency in Oregon. If it were a normal business, people could file an investigation. Cities and counties are self regulating, and self enforcing. And no one will enforce those laws.
Public records laws are locks on the information. Those that control the information control the people. Documents are pawns, and entities collect and hoard them. You are being forcefully controlled, and you seem totally okay with it.

Victims are charged for their own police reports. Citizens are charged for meeting information. No one can get access to emails or other electronic information. Some entities even charge for budget documents.

There is no sense of equity here. No rhyme or reason to charges. No set rules of what applies to who. But, the officials, if they play the administrator's game, get their information for free. Do they release the information? Of course not, because that isn't how this game is played.

Election laws are repeatedly violated in Oregon. The Elections Division doesn't have any authority to prosecute those violations. Purchasing laws are broken, and the money is spent without ever really accounting for it. Our state audits division is weak and the audit system, itself, is cursory...very basic information as told to private companies paid to report information the way the government agency spins the tale.

The ACLU is no help for constitutional violations, unless you are willing to make a large donation to their cause.

There is no redress of government. Questions are responded to by name calling...being told you don't matter...being told elected are not here to be held accountable.

They do what they want and no one stops them.

For those entity employees who don't think these statements apply to you? I challenge you to get those documents online. Be the whistle blower. Because I know this happens in every city and county across the state, to varying degrees, but degrees nonetheless.

Do you always assume that someone else is taking care of it? You know, those people you hear about? If so, why insult protesters? Why aren't you celebrating them? Or joining them? Why are you voting for the same sad, sick people all the time? When someone runs unopposed, do you check the box anyway?

What needs to happen for you to pay attention and get involved? How simple an action does it need to be for you to be part of the crowd that says “Not one more dime...Not one more broken law...Not one more right...will you take from me?”