Report it from a citizen's point of view


More often than not, the issues that impact citizens on their local level are never reported.

When they are, it is generally from the government viewpoint. In Lafayette, the reporters have just stopped showing up. The articles are written a week after the fact, based on information received directly from the city. This is very sad. Real journalists are few and far between.

Conventional wisdom is created by the information you see and hear.

It is up to you to get the information into the hands of the people who need to see it.

To have your voice heard, pick your topic. Write a story about it. Submit it here. Direct people to it, if you choose.

We also accept documents to put in the depository. You can view them at:



Here are a few guidelines:

There is no limit on length.

I don't edit for content or grammar. If you make a statement, be able to prove it. I may ask you to do that before posting the story.

Sign it with your real name. Own what you know.

If you have information that you want reported, but fear for your job (or life, in one case I had), please contact me and we can work something out to get the information available.

This website was developed for citizens, as both a resource and an outlet for information. Make it yours.